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A-Town Chop Shop's Friday Neon Nights:


Glow-in-the-Dark Axe-travaganza!


Forget the ho-hum predictability of neon bowling or pedestrian laser tag. It's 2023, people! We're taking "lit" to the next level. We've turned our rusty chop shop into an ultraviolet battleground where the axes glow brighter than your aunt's neon leg warmers. This ain't your grandpappy’s wood chopping contest, so don your fluorescent flannels, slap on some glow-in-the-dark face paint, and get ready to throw some glow and steal the show!

Warning: Axe throwing can be addictive. Once you start throwing axes, you may never want to stop. So proceed with caution.


Radiant Rundown:


  • Glow Station: Neon Face Paint, glow sticks and accessories: Have your face painted with neon war paint by friends or random strangers, channel the spirit of a radioactive warrior, and become one with the neon night.

  • Glow-Up Contest: Blacklights everywhere! So, wear your whitest whites and brightest neons. And for the brave, we've got glow-in-the-dark tattoos (temporary, mom, don't worry!).

  • Luminescent Lager: Your beer’s served in glowing pint glasses, so you’ll never lose sight of your drink.

  • Neon Snapshot Nook: Light up your IG feed with neon-tastic memories!




This event is perfect for all. Well, except for Aunt Karen who still thinks disco balls are the "devil's orbs." Sorry, Aunt K.


Safety First, But Make It Glow: Oh, did you think we’d forget? Our staff will be decked out in glow-in-the-dark safety gear. Think Tron, but with more facial hair and a more defined sense of purpose.


Aside from axe throwing, our in-house DJ, DJ Chop Drop, will spin a glowing mix of luminescent beats and booty dropping classics to keep the energy higher than your axe's flight trajectory.

When: Fridays 7-10 pm

BOOK NOW and be part of the coolest, axiest, glowiest night this side of the Milky Way 

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