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Our team of Axe-Whisperers will guide your guests through a truly unforgettable axe-throwing experience. The thrill of sticking an AXE throw into a target while participating in fun games is guaranteed to bring out your inner Lumber Jack! Our axe lounge delivers an unforgettable axeperience for some of your most special occasions.

  • Tired of the same old lame kids birthday parties? Make the next one a Kick Axe Birthday! Our party package blows the doors off all the rest. Watch as your kids popularity soars like axes towards the bullseye! Ideal for ages 10-17. We offer birthday contests (pin the axe in the donkey). Book a kids Kick Axe Birthday Package here.

  • Too old for the kids party? Don't fret, come celebrate milestone birthdays with some friendly axe throwing competition! We just might have a piñata for you to hurl sharp objects at! Bring in a cake and request our special birthday celebration song! We can specialize your event to include a tournament fostering friendly competition amongst your friends, family or coworkers.  


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